Thai traditional massage
 In Thailand, this masssage is called NUABORAN.
Thai traditional massage works by stimulating an energy lines(sen)in the body to correct energy
flow and give a sense of well-being..
In Thailand, traditional massage is used in conjuncction with western medical practices to promote
faster healing and alternative treatments for health conditions.
In Japan, this method is not recognised as a valid alternative to health treatment, Thai traditional
massage is mainly used for relaxation and to help the body heal naturally.
Thai traditional massage 's three principal focus' is the the balance of /chi/lymphatic function and
water in the body.
A usual massage focuses on the painful areas -if your back hurts, massage is focused on that area.
Alternatively Thai traditional massage focuses on the whole body-using the body's own power/
healing ability to fix/alloviate pain.
Thai traditional massage is consideredone of the most comfortable massages in the world.
Please think of Thai traditional as a means of stretching and relaxation,
like yoga performed by two people.




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